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Crawl Connect

Crawl Connect Advanced Wi-Fi Reporting & connection tool
Crawl connect crawl connect

The Crawl Connect app (Apple store / Google Play) is a secure app to safely connect our products to your venues Wi-Fi. It allows quick verification of your venues Wi-Fi strength quality and comprehensive reporting of the venue’s wireless infrastructure.

Furthermore, it is a singular app that also allows settings for all of our products (Digital decals / KegScales etc)

  • Identify signal strength from CM products to venue's Wi-fi infrastructure
  • Identify connection issues
  • Reporting for venue's IT administrators

Product Settings:

  • Decals: Flip Orientation
  • Decals: Change View Mode
  • Decals: Clear Cache
  • Decals: Power Cycle
  • KegScales: Set '0'
  • KegScales: setup FOB map